Diary of an Intern [Week #2]

The level of normality in this industry is slightly skewed compared to others. For instance, yesterday I had to climb head first into an industrial sized bin. It’s just what we do.

This notion of “what is normal” sparked a conversation in the office about the weirdest things we’d been asked to do as part of our jobs, which culminated in Creative Director Phil telling us about the time a friend of his was editing a film and received feedback asking for actual footage of Jesus Christ instead of the drawings he had inserted.

Actual Footage.

Of Jesus.

According to the fount of all knowledge that is Wikipedia, the first partially successful photograph of a camera image occurred in approximately 1816, making this request (shockingly) impossible. Short of fashioning a costume and recording the footage himself, in this case the drawings would have to suffice.

Whilst most requests don’t involve the Messiah, on hearing a lot of my colleagues stories it seems that making the impossible possible might just be the aim of this production game. So in order to fully prepare myself and anyone considering this career path (and for a bit of a laugh) I compiled a list of all the weird and wonderful things the people of Kash have been asked (or in some cases, asked others) to do over the course of their careers.


Was asked to make an actor act in a more passionate way in post.
Had to add dialogue to something that was shot without sound or dialogue (the subject was a man, and he wasn’t saying anything in the film).
Got asked to change the colour of something to a colour that does not exist.

Made a skadoo driver take him through a blizzard high in the Andes in search of a shot – almost died and the driver had to turn back.

A friend of hers had to dress up as a giant chicken and try to conduct serious interviews with people on the street.

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